Zvesta is building Artificial Intelligence Intent based Engine for Rating & Recommendation of Real Estate in India. Zvesta would be technology provider to all builders as SAAS model. It will empower builders with transparent platform to maintain and sell their inventories. The engine that would be built with time would be consumed by all builders and developers to push in their inventory and categorize each unit built in the country. Every builder would get live consumer sentiments on the selling, likes of his inventory.

zvestamate The key deliverables :
  • Real Estate Predictive analytics & Artificial Intelligence enables marketers to observe customer behavior, and with every action taken, build a profile of customer preferences.
  • zVesta provide SaaS solutions with standard ERP
  • Centralized engine for hosting their inventories

"zvestaMATE is the rating and recommendation engine based on Artificial Intelligence and deep learning for sourcing real estate inventories. zvestaMATE builds the platform for community sharing on the decision of what, when & where of buying homes."

zvestaMATE Engine is our continuous Endeavour to exceed our client’s expectations. As a step towards it, we have made analytical tool with the expertise of data scientist efforts at Data Research lab. With a zvestaMATE Engine, you'll map a custom territory that offers you the highest turnover and commission potential in your market area.