Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely FREE!!! Registration on

To change your password, follow these simple steps:

  • Click on the Sign In option given on the top of the page.

  • Click on the Recover password link. You may fill in either your registered username or email ID.

  • A Password Reset Link will be Emailed to your registered email ID.

  • From there you can reset your password.


No, only unique email ID and mobile number can be used in one account for registering on our website. But these can be used as an alternate mobile number and email ID after creating the new profile.

No, you can not use the same mobile number and Email ID again for creating new account on This will only happen after approval or confirmation mail by the zVesta help desk.

A written Email from registered Email ID only can be sent on You can also call on our helpline number 9818600654 from your registered mobile number only. You can also submit feedback on the website.

No, to change the profile type, please send a mail on from your registered Email ID only. You can also submit feedback on the website.

To add / edit your company details, click on "Profile" tab.

To add / edit your company details, click on "Profile" tab

To add / edit your profile photo, click on "Profile" tab

You can currently pay through your InterNet Banking accounts or any valid Visa, Master, AMEX Card provided by the payment gateway.

You can make the entire payment or make part payments.

Yes, you can make part payment by different options of different banks. E.g. For demand (invoice) payment of Rs. 10 Lacs, you can pay 3 Lacs by InterNet Banking, 2 Lacs by Debit Card and 3 Lacs by Credit Card of different banks.

Minimum amount payable is Rs. 1000/- and maximum amount is varied property to property wise .

For each online payment, you will receive success or failure message along with Transaction Reference ID that is an acknowledgement for your payment request. You will also receive an email and SMS with the payment details.

The security and confidentiality of your personal and financial information is of paramount importance to us. You are provided with best-in-class security standards when it comes to using the online premium payment service so that your transactions done are safe.
The Online Pay service is brought to you by Shree Aashiyana Online Private Limited in association with PayU, the leader in electronic bill presentment and payment services in India. PayU uses 128-bit SSL technology to protect customers from unauthorized tampering or viewing of their account and billing information. Using SSL ensures that the information you exchange with PayU is never transmitted over the Internet unencrypted and cannot be viewed by unauthorized individuals. Your data resides behind the physical firewall that is configured to receive and process requests only from authorised personnel. PayU is also certified by Verisign Inc, one of the leading certifying authorities for web-site security.

The following payment processing charges will be applicable for card payments and will be deducted by payment gateway:

  • Debit Card transactions : 1.25% of the transaction amount

  • India Credit Card transactions : 2% of the transaction amount

  • International Card transactions : 2% of the transaction amount



  • If you are paying Rs. 1000/- using debit card, transaction processing charges payable to payment gateway will be Rs. 12.5 and your debit card account will be debited Rs. 1012.5.

  • If you are paying Rs. 1000/- using India credit card, transaction processing charges payable to payment gateway will be Rs. 20 and your debit card account will be debitted Rs. 1020.

  • If you are paying Rs. 1000/- using international card, transaction processing charges payable to payment gateway will be Rs. 32.5 and your debit card account will be debited Rs. 1032.5.


Your online payment may fail if you enter incorrect user ID / password for InterNet banking

  • Your online payment may fail if you enter incorrect details of your debit card or credit card.

  • Your online payment may fail if you cancel the payment, press back button or refresh button on the browser.

  • Your online payment may fail if you enter incorrect one-time password provided by credit card or debit card company

  • Your online payment may fail if your InterNet Banking account, Credit Card or Debit Card is blocked for online payments.


In case of payment failure, please contact your bank or credit card company with the Transaction Reference ID and any other details provided on the failure screen, failure email or sms sent to you.

Yes, you can make another payment on the same time. You can also try using alternate InterNet Banking account, credit card or debit card of another bank as well.

Shree Aashiyana Online Private Limited (SAOPL) may receive payment from payment gateway within 3 working days after which the amount would be credited to your respective account. The receipt for your successful online payment would be emailed to you after entry in the backend systems which may take 3 business days. In case there is a delay in receiving payment from the payment gateway, there may be a delay in sending receipts to the customer and Shree Aashiyana Online Private Limited (SAOPL) will not be responsible for the delay in sending receipts to the customers.

We consider it a privilege to serve you, our valued customer. You can write to us at customer support any questions that you may have about the online demand(invoice) payment service.

» Determine your needs, how many bedrooms, how many bathrooms? Which neighborhood in your desired location you want to focus on?
» Determine your budget and if you need to sell your current property or if renting review your lease for termination date and notice requirements.
» Full Loan Approval from a Loan Officer and Lender that are known to perform well on purchase loans.
» A comprehensive consultation with our team of real estate professionals to review your search requirements, custom technology setup discuss current market    conditions, review sample contracts and to help determine where to focus your search.


On zVseta website every inventory shall be LIVE for bidding by the Seller/ Developer/ Builder. Every unique inventory in zVesta shall have certain units open for bidding.


Every registered user is authorized to bid on zVesta Seller/Developer/Builder would enable the inventory for bidding with a bid price . Thereafter, you may start a bid on a specific property (inventory).


There is no fee to bid however, you must register for the auction event.


The user can bid within the time frame mentioned in the particular inventory. You can't bid at any other time. For certain inventories, the bid cycle may vary.


 It does not matter what time of day you bid as long as you bid within the cycle. For certain inventories, the bid cycle may vary.


Yes, every user shall be shown the inventory selling price, bid price (last bid price, a bid by the specific user), max bid price (the maximum price received as bid price by the system).


No, there is no option to change the bid value once submitted . Every Bid once submitted cannot be changed. But the user has the option to bid multiple times against the same inventory. The re-bid or bid again can be greater than his previous bid value.


Every user shall be allowed to bid 20% more or less than last bid price for the specific inventory. In case it is his first bid for that particular inventory on he can only bid plus 20% of the starting bid. Users are allowed to put multiple bids against their same inventory. Bids of two users may vary and need not be in the same range.


Every user shall be shown a bid board against each inventory ID. His entire set of bids submitted shall be shown in ascending order with the date and time of submission of bid and the price. 


No, One user cannot see the other user's bid board.


If you have placed a bid on a specific inventory, you may click on review bids in your panel or profile and there you can recall the bid number and id.


You will get each and every update within the time frame. Also, if the Seller/Developer/Builder freezes your bid, you will get a notification on your registered email id.

The freeze value of bid will always be discretion of Seller/Developer/Builder. User will have no right to demand his bid deemed to be frozen.


You may leave the bidding any time you want.


Bidding is open for certain properties only. For other inventories, the user has the option to “add to cart” or “send enquiries”.


According to the bidding agreement, the individuals have the right to redeem the property as agreed upon by the Seller/Developer/Builder. The bid once freezes will undergo bid sold once payment is done by the user.


Property documents are always available with the authorized person. You may directly contact him for inspection.


The user has right to get in touch with the Seller/Developer/Builder for our site visit and is advised by the Seller/Developer/Builder to pay the booking amount online and confirm his bid as “Bid Sold.”


In case, the user doesn’t pay the rest of the balance amount for the property, the rules of the agreement for that property shall apply. The booking amount is non-refundable.